What should I cook for him (5th Date)


Okay, so this guy I've been seeing sorta casually (we still do date stuff and go out but it isn't serious) and he has mentioned a few times over the past couple months, that he would like me to cook for him.

I told him how he'd probably have to wait until I get my apartment because I'm living with family rn. Well... I got the greenlight for either this Saturday or next that I'll have the house to myself so I'm planning on inviting him over now 😊

The only thing now is to figure out what to cook him πŸ€” I'm planning on pairing a wine with the dinner as well so if anyone has recommendations of wine for these dishes it would be appreciated as well ☺️ I'm normally a chicken breast and veggies everynight person but that doesn't seem romantic enough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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