Jealous MIL basically called me fat? Am I just being bitchy?

My SO loves my body, but good lord I do not. 😂 I honestly wish I was a perfect, flat stomached, tan model. But like my mom and dad told me as I was growing up, “SOMETIMES WE DONT GET WHAT WE WANT” 😂 so I’ve accepted the fact that I HAVE FAT, I HAVE EXTRA SKIN FROM MY FIRST PREGNANCY, AND I HAVE STRETCH MARKS. The only people’s opinion I care about is my SO, my sons, and my own.

On Memorial Day, we were cooking, grilling, and having a great time. My SO had a few drinks with his dad and me and my MIL was cooking and grilling.

When the food was done, every one got their food, and me and my SO was the last to get ours. I borrowed his sisters half shirt because let me tell you, I WAS HOT IN THAT 99 DEGREE WEATHER.

My SO looks at me and rubs my stomach and says “awww look at both of these babies fixing to eat. Mom look at her little bump she’s getting”. ME BEING THE INSECURE PERSON I AM, I SAY “Honey thats just my fat” and I giggle.

HIS MOM LOOKS ALL SNOBBY AT ME AND SAYS, “Yeah (says his name), at this point, she won’t get a bump until she’s 29-30 weeks”. I thought about it ALL DAY LONG. It just irked my nerves because she was 300+ pounds and had surgery, now she weighs 110. So excuse me for not weighing 90 pounds. Sorry I weigh 205lbs because I cannot have surgery.

I’m 19, 4’11, almost 11 weeks with baby #2, and I understand I am not going to have a bump this early. I understand I have a belly. But for her so sit and say rude comments about me just pisses me off. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyone else have stories they want to share about rude comments being made to you?