Summer with grandma....


My grandsons mother texted me before the school year ended asking me to keep my grandson for a month (well she said for the summer but that a month would be okay). I said “of course”. School ended and I picked him up. She only sent two changes of clothing and one of them is long pants, which he can’t really wear in the summer in Las Vegas. I sent her a text yesterday asking her if I could pick up more clothes and she hasn’t responded. I’m not working and my income is VERY TIGHT and idk if I can afford to buy him clothes for the summer. I guess I could take him to Smart N Final and find stuff but I don’t understand why she’d do this. She never responded to my text at all, which is unusual.

I love my grandson so I’m gonna figure something out but I’m hurt that she would ignore my text about getting more of his things. Maybe she doesn’t have clothes for him???? Maybe she’s having financial issues too? Your thoughts?