Mishap....but so excited

Montinique • It`s just me!!!

My SO and I had the best sex the other day. It was so hot and nasty...we were in my car in front of his apartments. It was just so good...and at the end he didnt pull out. We use protection but in the heat of the moment we didn’t this time. The car was so crapped but the love we made was so intense. Pulling out at the end was not in the cards because we had no room to really move..so he wasn’t gonna really be able to pull out.

So he didn’t. We have been so good with using condoms I was surprised when this happened. But deep down inside I’m so excited. I was on a medium day when I looked at my app. I prolly won’t be pregnant but Im still excited about the thought. I am going to take a test when it’s time. I’ll be nervous and it has been on my mind since it happened. I am just so happy about the thought of having a baby.

Thanks for listening guys!! My boyfriend is just waiting for whatever I tell him. He is down for pretty much anything.