So upset, Please read

Last night my (fiancé) broke up with me officially, relactionship just wasn't working be we have said we will stay friends due to having our 15 month old daughter. Another baby on the way I'm only 32+3.

He said he will be there for me throughout the pregnancy, labour and seeing his kids once baby is born when he has days off work.

I'm now looking into moving out as I've been living with him for over a year he said he would help move me out his too another but I'd be put in a homeless furnished house until I got a house.

If we where too try again we would make it right for us and for our babies. I'll be single for a long time until it was too try with him again.

My feelings for him will always be there he knows this, he has just fell out of love with me for a while as in having no longer deep feelings and this is him just telling me, I still truly love him because I thought he was the one I wanted to spend my life with and watch our girls grow with there dad. I'm heartbroken as won't try again as he said he has given me many chances which isn't true or I'd have worked it out by now.

I am very upset and emotional about this whole situation and being a single mother at 21 with a toddler 15 month old and a newborn baby.

How would you ladies cope with this because I'm struggling and overthinking my future. I'm just at a loss right now.

He said we can still talk and in general which is good but our daughter 15months always says Dadda it breaks me knowing he won't be there all the time. He says that he will regret this because he's watched and been there since the day our daughter was born. Second baby due in July it won't be the same as it was for our first born.

I have supportive friends and family but I need advice from someone who has been in this kind of similar situation. How to deal with it.