Pregnancy mask! Help me!

It started as a small rash when I was around 7 weeks pregnant. The pictures below are at around 13 weeks and now 25 weeks. It's getting bigger, darker, the texture is changing.

Creams doctors have suggested don't work. Natural remedies aren't helping either.

It's to the point where I don't want to see people or go out of the house as makeup can't cover it because of the texture and most concealers just make it look grey 🙄 and I also don't wanna put any makeup on it to aggravate it so I'm just staying in my house and it's just getting worse.

Every time I get a new spot on my chin it just adds to the rash no matter how hard I try and treat the spot.

Btw I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow I just wanna see if anyone else has had the same issues and had anything work for them that I can put forward with my doctor.