Need to vent

Everything I do bothers him or makes him feel uncomfortable or gets him mad. He goes to work at 6am and I don’t have to be there until 9am but he told me from 6-9 he thinks I’m doing something.. which I’ve never gave him a reason to think that , he says because he has seen women do stuff and what he has been through. So i asked what would make bim feel more comfortable he basically told me waking up at 6am with him and start texting.. so I do that.. this morning we were otp from like 7-8 & I got in a happy mood and was singing &. I guess when I was singing he was like “ stop “ so he hung up. I thought it was on accident.. so I called him back and he had an attitude and I was like what’s wrong. He was like because it’s to early and I don’t feel like being here and I told you stop so I said I was sorry and I didn’t hear him and I tried to move on with another topic but you could hear it in his voice so I told him to call me back when he’s on his 9am break. He didn’t so I called he answered and he said imma call you back . I said why you acting like that? He said because you hung up now I’m hanging up. Like EVERYDAY ITS PETTY SHIT LIKE THIS. I’m 19 , he’s 30 & he calls me a child but how when your acting so petty over something stupid. Idk I’m just so tired of dealing with it. I want someone who trust me and also lets me be myself. I don’t want someone who is annoyed at me singing because I’m happy. I’m not sure what I’m asking im just venting 😌