Oh my gosh 😍😍😍 possibly tmi


Sooo my fiance has only ever went down on 2 females in his life, one a chick he went to school with and the other his ex.. both times he gagged and puked and never tried again. He said it was a mix of the smell, taste, and hair that made him puke.. I have never really liked anyone going down on me because I'm so self conscious about my body especially down there!! The other night we decided to try as we've been finding out we fit so perfectly together, and omg it was amazing, not only did he not gag or puke he kept going even after I got off :) he told me that with me it didn't smell bad or taste bad and he actually enjoyed it 😍😍😍 at first I was nervous and scared but holy hell that was amazing, I love this man so damn much omg