Baby on THE WAY 37 weeks exactly

Vero • Julian Giovanni Dominguez 06/20/2019 🧢

So yesterday I went in to get checked my weekly appointment, she checked my cervix and I was 6 cm dilated but not having any contractions. Since I tested positive for GB in the beginning I have to be on antibiotics for at least four hours before it’s safe for him to come. She sent me to the hospital right away! I got here @5:30 pm yesterday and since I was 36w and 6 days they wanted to wait until today to see what was going to happen. I spent through the night and I woke about 8 am my doctor came and checked me and I’m at 9 cm still NO contractions and I feel totally fine. She broke my water about 8:30 and now contractions are coming every five minutes! Baby should be here soon 🙏😭