Am I wrong?


My boyfriend has 5 kids with his ex wife. She drops off the younger three in the morning. To get ready for school here, my boyfriend picks the older two up usually at their grandmas to take them to school. After school again the three younger ones come here. The older two go their grandmas. For the last 9 months she hasn’t picked up her son. He stays here every night. He plays his video games on top volume. Screams at the games, makes a mess doesn’t help me clean or take in consideration I have a 6 month old of my own that I’m trying to put down for a nap. Iv brought up to my boyfriend several times that I would like him to go to his moms at least one nite a week. One night to have a quite house, not worry bout being dressed all the time. I really wanna take a bath with my baby but it’s a pain in the butt to have to get myself dressed before leaving the bathroom. Am I wrong for not wanting him in the house every night?