Period random thoughts

Idk if its because I’m an emotional person or the fact that my uterus is beating the life outta of me rn, these are my random thoughts

1. Omg I just need cuddles and belly rubs for ever

2. Danm why the people you care about gotta hurt you so bad

3. Part of me wanna go to school and become this amazing independent woman and part of me just wanna give up

4. I wanna just hop on planes and travel everywhere

5.can I just be old married to the love of my life with some great kids already with a dream home

6. Where did we get the idea that the world was supposed to be fair when its never been fair

7. I really wanna spend less time living on the internet and more times enjoying life with friends

8. How do I make some valuable friends

9. Man have it too easy.

10. Should I just go have sex get pregnant and have 9months free of periods.

Well you’re now in my head