How do I get my bf to branch out?

To start off I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years, absolutely great man and I’m so lucky he’s so amazing to me and our daughter.

I’ve always liked it a little rough, not too much but I’m totally open to some weird shit.

He has an insane foot fetish but that’s like as “wild” as he gets 😂 he’s totally into my feet and he wants me to suck on his and stuff too which at first I was like ew but now it’s like a major turn on.

My question though is how can I get him to branch out? I feel like we’re sooo vanilla these days... when we first got together it was wild haha. Ever since we had our daughter two years ago it’s just been vanilla and we talk about spicing it up but don’t know how... it hasn’t been talked about in a few months either. Like how do I initiate that? I want him to eat me out more and take control and slap my ass and all that lol!!

I don’t hate our sex life by no means and it’s not boring.... it’s just so routine. I want new and spicy stuff