Breakup advice


I recently broke up with my bf of almost 4 years. It had probably been a long time coming but we were in love. I truly do still love him, but I don’t see the same future with him I’ve seen for the past 4 years. We’ve always had some issues but nothing I thought was to hard to work through. Every time I try to discuss these issues he would discuss them but not take them very seriously. I grew tired of it. I took some time to decide what I wanted. I felt confident in my decision, but during and after the fact I started to wonder if I made a mistake. I never really discussed with him how I was feeling and after 4 years it seems like I maybe should give him a chance to take it seriously knowing that I’m considering a breakup.

Currently we are broken up, kind of taking a step back to evaluate my feelings, and he wants me to consider giving us a chance after a few weeks. I need advice. Am I making the right choice and just letting my love blind me or have I made a mistake that I might regret for the rest of my life?