Am I over reacting? please no mean comment

My boyfriend(father of my son)30yrs old gives me his phone so I can reply to a text message his friend send him I open it and this same friend send him some pictures of a girl without a bra few hours before which my BF did not reply back too this guy is in his late 40s so I see the picture and of course I get mad I replied back and gave the phone back and I made a comment and he said “it’s not me it’s him I did not reply back” ok I get it but why didn’t he delete them. So I’m mad and out argument elevated to him just pushing my buttons when I’m mad I don’t like to be bothered but he was getting amused and kept on going we started calling each other’s names and stuff. Well then we went to calling each other names to telling each other how much we will be happy without each other.