ACT scoreu

I made a sort of low score on the ACT. Everyone around me says they made what u would call average, 20s. I did not make a 20, but was very close. I was not prepared, did not sleep, did not eat, my heart was beating out of my chest, stomach was growling so I couldn't concentrate. I just know I could have done better. But now I'm graduated and taking it again wouldn't matter. I feel like I've missed out, I could have gotten a scholarship! All I had to do was prepare a little more... I'm very blessed to have parents who'll pay for me to attend college, but I really didn't want to have to rely on them for it. They already do so much for me. I used to be the accelerated kid, the one who was in "gifted" classes. Where did all that go? I'm doing really well in college, made the Deans list...just feel burdened by this score. Any ladies out there feel the same way?


Thank you ladies. I think I've figured out my problem. Noticed a pattern that around my period I get extremely worried over trival things. Gonna get that sorted real soon. Thank y'all again for helping me get a grip.