Maybe Someone is up to help a mama out

Christina • Wife 💍 Mama CJ 7/3/2016 Noah 7/1/2019💙

I just woke up it’s 5:15 am I felt like I was peeing in my sleep so I got up and ran to the bathroom well the thing is I couldn’t hold it it just kept coming out I couldn’t stop it. So you can imagine how quickly I woke up out of my groggy state. I don’t know if my water just broke or did I just really pee all over my hallway floor and bathroom floor trying to make it. Now I know they say smell it but it didn’t smell like anything at least not to me it didn’t I looked in the toilet to see if maybe I had peed thinking it would be yellow and well I think my husband went to the bathroom and just like a man probably didn’t flush so idk. I put a pad on to see what happens I haven’t gotten anything else yet not sure if it’s because well it’s 5am and I’m totally confused or if this mama has some serious issues controlling her bladder for this one time. Anyone got any advice.