On base housing

How is the housing in Fort Benning. My husband is stationed there and says he doesn’t want to live on base because they take too much money and we’re in the middle of paying off debt because we want a fresh start when we buy a house and have kids in a few years. (But I told him, every base is not the same.) Are there cheaper, decent homes on base?? We don’t need a lot of space because we don’t have kids (just two chihuahuas). We lived in a nice townhouse in Fort Polk and we lived off post while stationed at Fort Stewart. I really don’t care to live off base again in a city where I don’t have family or know anyone. Especially because he is a Sgt now and is busy all the time. I’ve looked up deals they have where rent is like $700-$800 dollars, but he thinks the houses will be raggedy. And I know that the pet fee is free if you only have 1 or 2 pets, which is a plus. I know we’ll probably be on the waiting list for a while since we didn’t apply for housing right when we moved from Fort Stewart. I’ve been two hours away, staying with my in laws and it’s fine, but I just want to be in my own space again.