Looks aren't everything!!!

My husband's sister is very pretty. All the time we hear from his friends or whoever that his sister is so pretty. It makes me jealous a bit yes, because I'm average looking.

What irritates me the most about them proclaiming all the time how pretty she is, is that they don't realise what a deceitful, horrible bitch she is. I can't even write what all she's done without writing a novel.

She's going to be back in town soon, and she wants my husband to spend some time with her because it will be a long time since she's been back and even though she's back permanently, she wants him to spend time with her like NOW. As he's not allowed leave, she said she'll go to his work. This is all my insecurities talking, but it irritates me that I've never been to his work and met his co-workers (he's fairly new there) and she's going to meet them first if she has her way (my husband said he won't allow it because he doesn't actually want to see her).

And when they see her, they'll also gush about how pretty she is. Without even realising what she's done. It just irritates me that for some people, looks are the end all and be all.

@MS, yes I am jealous and that's OK. I don't treat people badly for it, they're my feelings and my feelings are my feelings. I don't make people feel bad, I'm not a bitch to anyone, I'm allowed to rant about something in the RANT ROOM.