My daughter won’t let my husband hold her

I have an almost 2 month old daughter. She’s generally a pretty fussy baby and ebf. I can handle her really well and she doesn’t cry much with me unless I put her down and she’s not sleepy. But if I give her to my husband, she immediately starts crying and won’t stop until I have her again. It’s making life pretty stressful because I can’t get anything done unless she’s asleep. And even then, she won’t sleep with him, only with me or in her bassinet or swing. I want them to bond and be able to snuggle and play like him and my toddler do. But she just really does not like being with him. He holds her everyday and it’s the same thing. He smiles at her, sings songs to her, rocks her. He’s tried feeding her a bottle. Everything he tries, she screams until I have her. Our son never did this with him. Has anyone ever experienced this and has any advice? Thank you