My favorite room in the house 😍/ Before and After

Lenny • 👩🏻👨🏼‍🦰👧🏻👦🏼🤰🏻

My husband and I bought a house a little over a year ago. It’s a beautiful home, but the previous owner was a hoarder and recluse. The yard was horrible and the house was a complete wreck. I wish I had a picture to show, but you couldn’t even see the house from the road, which was only about 100 yards away. There are palm trees, bamboo, magnolia trees, all kinds of stuff that the previous owner planted when he built the house (back in 1966) and never even cut the grass once. Box wood shrubs taller than the house!

The inside was just as bad. We had mold everywhere that we had to kill, had to replace the flooring and sub flooring in the kitchen area, and totally redo the entire house. It was a heck of a job and we’re probably 80% finished- and we have someone coming in a few weeks to take care of our “jungle”.

It was a diamond in the rough. 2600 square foot, brick home with 4 bedroom and 3 full bathrooms for less than $90,000 due to the condition of it.

We just moved in about two months ago, and today I really worked on my daughters room. I need to go get her some blinds and curtains, and hang a few more things on her wall, but it’s such a sweet room! ❤️

At the bottom I added a few before and after pictures of the kitchen, bathroom, and the front of the house so you can see I’m not exaggerating how bad the yards are. The before pictures are off of the realtors website!

We’re going to white wash the fire place and hang a TV.

We knocked out that far wall in the kitchen and let it open up into our den (the room with the fireplace)