Is it normally to want to end your relationship once baby arrives? LO is 4 weeks old. my 4 year old is disastrous, I’m battling a severe sinus infection, in pain still, restless, and I feel like I’m still doing it alone. LO is literally lying next to DH screaming his lungs out and he’s not budging. He’s off on weekends so I assumed I’d get more help than I do throughout the week but I haven’t. Out of the 13+ times LO eats a day, DH only fed him TWICE & I had to ask smh. And as soon as he’s fed, he’s handed back to me. There are currently no dishes available cause they’re all dirty, he said he was gonna wash them last Friday, but still hasn’t. I’m sick of trying to communicate when I’m not getting anything in return. He’d rather be out with his friends than home learning his newborn. If he even looks at me wrong tomorrow I’m telling him to pack his stuff, idc. but am I wrong?