2 week wait of threatened miscarriage

2 weeks ago I was told I was having a threatened miscarriage the er told me if I miscarriage it probably happened already (which was the 29th of May) my levels were very low 53 June 4th and was told I was 5 weeks and 1 day. My ob told me to wait 2 weeks and call him if I get a negative or positive test (I’m now waiting till they open) I was spotting for 15 days on and off. Only when I wipe, the only heavy bleeding I had with some clots was may 29th and for a day. I have been having sex as well through this wait as well... and I don’t have terrible cramps either! Today it’s more of a milky cm like I had before I got a positive test! My breasts have gotten worse and more sore this past week ... my cervix I’ve been checking after washing my hands and it is high and feels closed. I check because my ob did not. They just did blood and only told me my hcg levels that’s it. I did get a faint line today and took pictures the pink is hard to get in a photo but I’ll post it. Idk if it’s a new pregnancy maybe or left over? Which if it was would it take 2 weeks for the level 53 to go down? This is my first time. Thank you