For those trying to conceive!

I see a lot of posts on here about women struggling to conceive, but many aren’t educated on the steps that you can take to help you! This is not made to be a call out or attack but it makes me sad that so many women struggle. These are just the first basic steps you can take.

First, tracking your ovulation. Using ovulation predictor kits (OPKS) These will tell you exactly when you ovulate - when there is an active egg there that can be fertilised! These are the days your man should be finishing in you!

Also, it is important to take folic acid supplements (as well as during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) when trying to conceive. As well as prenatal vitamins / conceiving vitamins. These will make sure your body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to be in the healthiest form for conception and carrying a baby!

Drinking alcohol and particularly smoking are very well known to cause fertility issues in both men and women. It is advised that you cut down on both as much as possible, you and your partner. This will increase sperm count and ensure both your eggs and sperm are in optimal condition!

This is meant to be informative and I hope it will help some of you! Don’t be disheartened, conceiving will happen in its own time and when your body is truly ready to carry a healthy baby. Even healthy couples can take months and months to conceive, and I’m sure you would rather wait until your body is truly ready than to risk a miscarriage or issues with your pregnancy / fetus or newborn.