Postpartum sex.. ladies please help!!

Brooke • 11 and 3 yr old boys💙 ectopic 11-24-17 and miscarriage 3-26-18 of my twin angels ❤️ my 🌈 girl finally came 4/29/19! My heart is complete

So.. I had my daughter 8 weeks ago on Monday. She is my 3rd, I had 3 csections, my oldest is 11, my second son is gonna be 4 next month, and then my daughter. All fine recoveries but I’ve never waited the 6 weeks until this baby. Last night we TRIED to have sex. It’s probably been 10ish weeks total since we’ve had sex last since I was high risk this pregnancy and I had to have my daughter at 36 weeks. ANYWAYS, so we start some foreplay feels good but I am admittedly a little nervous since it’s been so long but I got into it and started getting wet. He starts to put it in, and it feels like he is using a literal knife. It seriously felt like tearing with every thrust. So I decided to try getting on top to control it better. It hurt to bad I started crying. I tried for as long as I could but I was shaking each time I tried to go further in. Obviously I was tighter than usual, and to make it worse he is bigger than average so it was SO PAINFUL. I’m scared to try again! Please help! Does it get better? Should I keep trying every few days to stretch it out?? Has this happened to anyone else?? I do not to well with lube it throws off my ph easily and I end up with a yeast infection. But if there are other options I’m down to try!! I want to have sex again but that was so traumatic!!