Miscarriage??? Please help me :)

Sunny traveller ☀️

Hey guys! So just over a week ago I took a pregnancy test, was a pretty obvious positive, then took 3 more tests over 3 consecutive days that all came back positive.

Yesterday I experienced really bad cramping on my right side then bleeding that was similar in amount to a normal period. (Definitely more than what spotting is)

We ended up going to the hospital where I got a blood test that only showed a HCG of 4 and I had an internal ultrasound that did not show any sign of an embryo (he said it could be too early, but they’re not sure)

So basically I’ve gone home now and I have to go back to the doctors in 2 days to get another blood test to see if my HCG is going up or not.

Basically. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience like this or knows what it may be?

As I am still bleeding a fair bit.

And the doctors said it’s highly unlikely that all my tests were false positives, considering the blood test showed a VERY small amount of the hormone.

I’m hoping everything will be okay but I’m not sure :(