F*cking frustrated (pardon my French)

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Period is 6 days late and I’m 5 months postpartum. I’ve been feeling exactly how I felt while pregnant with my son. Last week, all tests were negative.

Me and my husband are on vacation with our son and I had him run out and get a pregnancy test for me to take this morning. He went to Walgreens and got their pink dye test. This was the result:

Now I’m reading all over the internet that these tests are known for false positives even with lines that come up in the time frame.

Now I’m as lost as fucking ever. I don’t know what to believe. It’s 5:30 am and I’m tempted to run out to Walmart to get a new test. I’m upset because I need to be put on progesterone ASAP in my pregnancies so I don’t lose them, which I’ve done 3 times previously. We were not trying to get pregnant this time around but if we are we definitely won’t be upset.

I’m just in tears because as SOON as I thought I knew what was going on, my hopes were dashed.

Anyone have experience with these tests?