Does this sound like ppd

I am 4 weeks pp and I have been feeling really down and not myself.

I’m having a hard time I have a 4 year old from a previous relationship my partner has been great with her and raised her for 2 years he even wants to adopt her as her dads side don’t want anything to do with her

But I feel so guilty for bringing a new baby into our family I feel like him or his family will never love her like they love the new baby

I get angry when they show the new baby any attention I have panic attacks about taking the baby to my mother in laws house because for some reason I’m really angry at her for showing the baby any attention I don’t want her to hold her at all

Sometimes I just want to leave the baby with her dad and take my 4 years old and leave so things can go back to normal

I feel like I’ve ruined her life and I feel so guilty