Having the day from hell.


37 weeks pregnant. Woke up with fever and ear ache. Go to the ER because already dealing with a slew of other issues, not trying to lose my hearing, too.

Get there and find out I have an ear infection.

Now my list of ailments are ear and upper respiratory infection, laryngitis, and pink eye.

Come home expecting to crawl into bed because I'm seriously exhausted from waking up to multiple coughing fits all night. Couldn't do that because my fucking cat pissed and shat in it.

Now I have to wash everything except the pillows and no help to do so.

On top of all of this, my toilet needs replaced because it doesn't flush properly.

I am soooooo ready to have this baby. I am tired of being this sick and limited on what I can do to get better😭😭😭

I seriously hope no one else has had such a bad day already ♡