Made appt for birth center! Insurance question

Hello ladies,
I always knew I wanted a natural home birth. My husband is a little scared since it's our first baby, but he wasn't against birth centers. I made an appt with an OBGYN, but I was reading reviews of the doctor and the hospital and it all just feels so impersonable and business-like. I was not looking forward to my birthing experience. 
So I called a birth center and made an appt. I am so excited because now I am really starting to feel excited about this birth. The prices are not astronomical so that makes me happy. BUT if my insurance covers some, then yay! 
My real question: I know each insurance is so different, but ladies that have BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD (Our is of Tennessee), I would love to hear your experience with it. Were they hard to work with? We have 80/20 coverage. Do they stand by that in birth centers or will they cheap out on it? What was your portion to pay?
Thank you for your time!