Horrible painn!!!

Abigail • Mother to 2 beautiful girls Izabella 7715 & Selena 101417 💗 Due in October 2019 with my first boy💙

Hello ladies, I am 25w3days with my 3rd. I am currently experiencing horrible hip/waist pain every time I sleep!! I feel most of the pain I guess you could say in my pelvic area sometimes even my vagina. Never experienced this with my 2 girls. I fall asleep on my right or left sides and I wake up in the middle of the night to move and I can BARELY turn my body without my waist/hips being in excruciating 😖 pain!! Its like the top half of my body turns but my waist/hips are in so much pain I cannot do it all at once. I want to say its part of being pregnant and baby growing but it is unbearable I am even afraid to sleep. Laying on my back also is painful when I want to turn on my side or even get up takes me like 3minutes or even more without feeling this pain. Anyone else experiences this or has ? What could I do to relieve pain ? Is it something that could be serious ? TIA