So here's the situation

Over the past few years (since I became pregnant with my first child) I started setting boundaries with my mother who has mental health issues. It took a couple years and a lot of fighting but we are getting to a better, more manageable, place. She has been sooo much better during this pregnancy. Not trying to manipulate her way into doctors appointments or guilting me, or trying to kiss or touch my stomach. She still needs validation but less so than before (asking if my son, 2, misses her etc.) So on Easter this yesr she was supposed to come ober to dye eggs. She has a complete melt down on the way over about how I didn't let her help when my son was a newborn and blah blah. Well to keep her from driving off a bridge I told her I will need her help when the second baby comes. Now I want to take it back because I don't want her thinking she will be staying with us for a week or what ever she wants to do. Thankfully she hasn't asked if she can be in the room when I give birth (that's a hard no for anyone but my husband). That was a huge problem with my son and the nurses had to keep her out. Does anyone else have a mother like this?

Update: I spoke too soon, she's pulling her bullsh** again today. Literally from AFRICA she is sending me into anxiety attack mode. I hate that she can control me with words.