Please tell me if I'm wrong!


I guess I'm just looking for reassurance... Long story short, I have an almost 1 year old son. I'm a sham, my husband is working all the time and we have absolutely no family or friends around. My parents live in Europe and they are visiting for Eliot's first birthday. My mom was here for 2 weeks when he was born and my dad haven't seen him in person yet. The issue is that we couldn't go to the airport to pick them up. My husband can't take any days off and my son HATES the car. Like you can't drive more than 5 minutes with him sitting alone in the backseat. He is choking and coughing screaming. I don't drive him alone ever!!! The airport is LAX, it's 2 hours away from us in good traffic but it can take 4 hours if the traffic is bad, you never know. So we decided to send a car for them. The driver waits at the gate with a sign with their name on it and they get out at our door. They don't speak much English but it's not their first time traveling here. My sister says I'm the most horrible, selfish person in the whole world for doing this. Am I really? For putting my son's well being as a priority and providing them the most comfortable ride home? I honestly won't feel safe driving with him alone.

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