My husband is driving me crazy

We have 2 under 2. One of our kids was diagnosed with hearing loss. So we have constant appointments at the audiologist, ENT on top of the pediatrician appointments AND SPEECH THERAPY! I take care of Scheduling each and every one. I take care of All the paperwork for such appointments. I feel like i have no help in alot of ways I'm a stay at home mom, and any mom who knows what 2 under 2 is understand how much it takes to get things done. I Don't have a moment to myself even when my husband is around. He comes home and gets all pissy that there are toys all out. He gets all butthurt over the dumbest things and never appreciates me or what i do. He gets all mad when i tell him i need a minute. When i do go out to run errands i feel like i have to rush because he gets mad because i take long. And he seemingly can't handle the kids. Men are so fucken retarded sometimes. I love motherhood and I'm not asking for him to fucken bow to me. I wish he'd understand that just because i don't work it doesn't mean I'm not EXHAUSTED AT THE END OF THE DAY. I feel taken for granted.