Hi everyone  I was pregnant with my third child, up until yesterday night

Hi everyone 
 I was pregnant with my third child, up until yesterday night. 
I already have two boys and I now have my first baby girl. 
It all started yesterday daytime. My little one was taking his daily nap, and then I fell asleep too. Usually I don’t do that. I cook or clean... my big was in his bedroom playing videos on his tablet. I woke up around 3:40 pm. I had a strange feeling. I was not feeling well. Ok so I made some food for my two boys and just went on with the rest of the day. 
Around 5 pm I started feeling something is happening. I changed position, walked, laying down... the contractions didn’t stop. 
I started measuring them from 6:40 pm. They were first 10 minutes apart, 9 mins, 7-5... until I decided to call the ambulance at 8:30 pm. 
They were fast, I was taken to the nearest hospital... at 9 pm I was on CTG. Midwife took some information and she checked me down there. To be honest, I wanted an epidural this time because I was tired and it did hurt a lot. She said I am 7-8 cm already and there is no time. We were waiting for the doctor to come brake my waters, but then at 9:20 I started feeling that I had to push, so I did... my princess was born 9:36 pm on the 27-th of June. 
Her name is Michelle ❤️😍 she is perfect in every way. 
She weighs 3260 g and she is 50 cm long :) 
Thank you for reading and I wish all the best for all of you too