Help me figure out when I conceived

So my husband and I babydanced for a week straight after my period ended & according to glow 2 days before ovulation. Not sure if I necessarily ovulated that day. Then we didn’t babydance until the 12th. Then on the 22nd (10 days later) I was told at the hospital I was pregnant and my levels were 552 & they couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound yet. 2 days later I went in for an ultrasound and there you could see a circle which looked like the sac and like my doctor said was the start of something that day they took blood and my levels were in the 1200’s. My periods are regular every 29 days. What are the chances that I got pregnant on the 22nd? Are the chances low since my levels were 552 10 days after the 22nd? Thanks.

Update: my last period was May 19th.