I love my husband BUT

So I recently discovered I have a yeast infection! I’ve only had a couple in my 25 years.. well in the early stages when I didn’t know what it was.. like the first day!! After a day of not showering, being in the ocean, and wearing the same bathing suit all day... I felt a little itchy, uncomfortable... we took a shower.. had sex.. welll a couple days later I’m itching so bad! I told him I need to get monistat... I get it, it takes care of it... and he is wanting to have sex again!!!! I told him I won’t do it until he gets seen by a doctor! Because for all I know I had it that day.. he refuses, says he doesn’t feel any symptoms.. in my mind I contracted it that day (from swimming, or being in a bathing suit all day or whatever) but I know it could be passed back and forth!! He refuses to see a doctor! We don’t have insurance so that might be why but I don’t want another!!! I get it! It’s not all cake and ice cream paying and getting a check up and then having to pay for medication but what??? Idk if he has it or if he can pass it back to me?? I don’t want to risk it!! It’s uncomfortable enough!!

Edit: I know men can give yeast infections and that they don’t have any symptoms.. and yeah I wasn’t full into the symptoms but it can be transferred! I don’t want to get it again!!