I think I want him to move

My husband texted me from work and said that he was offered a position in a neighboring state, but he turned it down. His reasoning was that it was a different title, but not an increase in pay. When he got home, he didn’t say anything else about it.

We had a nookie window, since our children went on an outing. I sometimes get extremely horny before my cycle. Afterwards, he was rubbing my back and made the comment that my bra was hanging on for dear life. I looked at him like what the hell. He repeated it and added that it’s so tight and asked why, and if it was comfortable. I was comfortable until he made that comment. I pointed out that it was the same as calling me obese, but he insisted that he wasn’t trying to offend me. He proceeded to tell me how if someone else had said something similar, I wouldn’t worry about it and that I take offense to everything he says. So, I explained how expressing that my bra is hanging on for dear life and that it seems so tight isn’t a nice thing to say. I told him that if we weren’t already married, then there was no way that we could ever be cool.

A while back we went to New Orleans and a woman stopped me as we were walking down the street. I thought she genuinely wanted to chat, until she sold me two hats that she had. My husband talked so much crap about it. To this day, if we go in Sams and the directv people try to ask us what tv provider we have, before I can politely decline their efforts, my husband chimes in and brings up New Orleans.

It’s always a joke with him, but at my expense. I’m the person who can’t take the joke. It’s never that big a deal with him.

I’m tired. He says that I just get mad at him for every little thing. Calling me fat and thinking it’s not a big deal is not a little thing to me. I think I want him to take that job in the neighboring state. We’d still be married. He just wouldn’t be here getting on my nerves. He repeatedly tells me how I couldn’t survive on my salary. This year was my first year teaching. We have four children ranging from 15 to 4. It’s quite some time before our youngest graduates high school.

Am I overreacting?