Pimples/Boils on Butt **PLEASE HELP**

Okay so on Saturday, I noticed pimples on the inner part of my butt cheek. Maybe normal for some of you gals but I had a severe cyst develop November of 2017, had two more before the doctor assigned me to a surgeon to remove the whole gland. The cyst was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. It felt like a golf ball was stuck in between my butt cheeks. After surgery, I was told to shower right after exercising and gym class (I’m in high school). I was also told to shave every so often so I wouldn’t get as many ingrown hairs and sweat buildup.

Saturday Morning:

As you can tell, I need to shave. But I don’t want to cut these suckers open and they get infected. I’ve tried popping the one with the little white head on it.

Saturday Night:

They looked a bit better.


One of them looks so much better in this photo!

Now (because it’s 1AM and I’m a high school student for summer break):

I have more forming. I don’t have the medical card right now and my parents (grandpa and mom) are kinda broke so I’ve been relying on my grandma’s and step-grandfather’s advice (she’s a nurse and he’s a pharmacist). My mom also has the mentality of, “wait two weeks and see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, I’ll take you to the doctor.” But I have medical history with boils and cysts!!

Please help on what I could do!!