Diagnosed today with PCOS


PCOS LADIES, I need some hope.

I’ve been with my DH for almost 8 years. I was on birth control for the first year. Besides that, no other preventative measures. Actively TTC with monitoring, charting, blah blah you all know it lol, for a few months here then give up because every one tells you it happens when you stop trying. Well nope still never once been pregnant. Now for the last 8 months we’ve been very actively trying again and keeping track. AF is regularly irregular. Like she comes but she’s that aunt ya never know what time she’ll make it to the family functions but she always up at some point. Well bam, AF doesn’t show up for like 55 days and we’re thinking maybe we’ll get a BFP finally. Go to the doc to see what’s going on. Tell her the dealio. Well long story short after a series lab works and ultrasound, she calls me this morning to tell me about all the follicles on my ovaries. My follow up appt is in two weeks where she said we’ll discuss more thoroughly and talk about options.

I would love to hear some info about others dealing with PCOS. What to expect from here. Anything more I should know.

PS she very briefly mentioned clomid. But we didn’t really discuss that yet. I have a basic understanding of what that medication is.

I would love to hear some hope and success stories. And have a little baby dust sprinkled my way 💕