Sending photos of your kids

Do you guys cover your child’s private parts if sending a photo to a relative via text etc? If so, how?

I’ve never really thought about it before now but my parents recently got my son a bath toy that he absolutely loves and I wanted to send them a photo via email of him playing with it in the tub.

However, this morning I heard about an old school friend who got sentenced to 21 years in prison for possession of indecent photos of children, some of which he acquired by hacking into the phones of people whom he knew had children and stealing the photos (which were taken innocently and were not pornographic or wrong in any way; it was his intention and motive for stealing them that was indecent) they’d sent to friends and family. It’s broken my heart and made me feel sick to my core. I’d always felt uneasy around him and had a gut feeling that there was something weird about him but had never really said anything much about it and had no real reason to feel that way, it was just a vibe I got from him. You hear stories like this but you never think that anyone you know would be capable of being so fucking sickening.. it’s really brought home how important online safety is, especially when it comes to kids.

So. Obviously I could just not send the photo but we live apart and I know they’d love to se him enjoying the toy the bought him. I tried to cover him up with an emoji of some sort but I’ve overthought it and now nothing seems appropriate.