I'm that stupid woman who never learns.


I've let this man who is supposed to love me trick me over and over again and l fucking hate myself and him. He never changed and here I am again living with him and dragging my two daughters that aren't his and our new newborn who is his along. I want to die, I want him to cheat just to get out of this relationship because I'm too stupid and weak to do it myself. I know theres woman who have gone through this. He's almost broke my arm, he's disrespectful, he's mean, hes selfish, he makes everyone around him miserable and tense, he puts himself before anyone, I HATE his parenting style because he has rules for everything and treats my 2 girls and his two boys like its boot camp! and my 9 year old daughter understands all of this. He is emotionally abusive! I am scared and anxious everyday of my life, not scared he will hurt me but scared I'll never end this cycle. Please please I need advice, encouragement, something I dont know anymore .