I’m not taking it

My boyfriend really tried to tell me us moving in together would slightly feel one sided because he’s going to be getting a job to pay rent, and my mom is helping me cover my end so I can go to college full time. So basically he’s upset I get to “kick my feet up and relax” all day while he busts his ass. Don’t tell me I’m not going to be working hard, when I’m going to college as a FULL TIME STUDENT. 5 days out of the week I’ll be in class, busting my ass to get work done. Pulling all nighters so I can get my degree, and pursue my dream of being a pastry chef. So sorry I’m not getting a job and living up to your “working member of society” ways. That’s not how I view things. I’ve been stressing about money for over a year. Now that I finally have a solution he wants to say it feels one sided because I’m not getting a job? Fuck that! College IS my job. I’ll gladly take all the chores off of his hands, have dinner ready so he can come home from work after a hard day, and rest.

I love you babe, but I won’t take hearing this negative shit from you.