Dating my best friend


So, I had this guy friend for almost two years.. and I started to realize that i liked him like 10 months ago.. but I told nobody because I was scared. I finally told one of my friends (2weeks ago) then just 2 nights ago, I told the guy (James). Me and him had a long conversation about this. And James told me just yesterday morning that he liked me too. So, me being me, I kept avoiding what he said. Then just last night he asked me out. I was SHOCKED! So, I kept reassuring if he really wanted me and this. He said yes, so I said yes. And today we were texting all day (we usually do) but not like a couple, like we were still friends. And idk what to do because James is an INNOCENT guy. Like he’s had 2 actual relationships and they weren’t even serious. And he doesn’t curse, vape, talk about people, or really even talk about relationships. So, idk if I should slip in like a “babe” or “baby” on our next conversation. Or just wait until Sunday, because that’s when we will see each other. Idek if that makes any sense..😂 but any advice?