Thinking about adoption.

Please keep an open mind. I had a very rough childhood and have been on my own since 13, I had my first child at 17 and am now almost 19 and 14 weeks pregnant due to my birth control not working. They both have the same father who is currently my partner still, our lives our crap but my son has everything he needs or wants I make sure of it. I really want to keep this baby but I can barely make ends meet and can't help but feel like I've made a big mistake. I don't feel like my life is together enough to be a good mom to 2 kids, I want my children to have everything and I already struggle to do that for my son with him being partially blind with hormone deficiencies from his pituitary gland. I can barely keep insurance on my car that is too crappy to even drive in the winter and I live in a junk house that doesn't hold heat well, I have no family to fall back on and Im so poor I haven't even been able to afford new glasses for my self in over 2 years even though I really need them. My sons prescriptions are over $200 a month even with state insurance and I only make $10 an hour. My boyfriend is joining the military really soon and I haven't even graduated high school yet Im still a Junior. I really want this baby to have a good life and I feel like they wont be able to with me. I cry even thinking about not having them with me but I want them to be happy and with someone who can help them build good life skills and put them in sports or music lessons. Someone please help me I really need some guidance I've never really had parents I don't know what to do. Im really trying but Im so lost and I feel like the worst person ever.