Weight loss for my Rainbow

Jenny • 👼🏻 Edith February 3, 2019 ..

I lost my LO due to uncontrollable blood pressure and not preeclampsia or any issues with my Lupus.

I left the hospital on a whole host of medication to ensure my blood pressure was controlled.

It’s been about 5 months and have been told I should lose weight before trying to get pregnant again. I never saw myself as obese but I’m no skinny mini, 4’11 and 160 lbs. My blood pressure is under control and I worked my way down to 1 bp medication from 4!!! I have been working out, eating healthy completely changed how i see food and excercise but my weight hasn’t shifted. It’s starting to feel like the weight is never going to come off enough to be able to get the green light to try for my rainbow..

Just feeling down..