I felt hopeless

My youngest daughter making 2 this Sunday amd my birthday is the last Tuesday of the month. We just came to Texas, I decided it is time for me to start supporting my girl. My husband work yes but I wanted to start working so I can save for my kids future.

Just less week, I have done 2 interview and both have denied me the job. I have worked during school but after I had my first daughter in year 2013 I had never worked again.

It pain me that now I'm looking some job I cant have anything. Even though with no experience. I cried in the car. I felt hopeless. I was mad! Why didnt their wanted to give me a chance!

The worst thing is nobody else had file for that position. Why should I feel so help less?! All I wanted was to help my husband with Bill and support my girls.

All I wanted was a chance 😭

A chance to show my girls I can support them too.

Bwing turn down making me regret my choose. It ahouldnt be that way.

My husband stated "lets their lost. Y'all find something better."

I just wish I can believe that more