Anyone have any suggestions please?

I didnt want to be one to post these but I'm a FTM mom so I'd appreciate suggestions. I'm 38 weeks and 4 days and am supposed to be induced sunday due to GD. Last night I'm certain my mucous plug came out in 2 sittings. Today I think I've shed the last bits of it. Just wondering if anyone knows any ways I could help get contractions going. I know mucous plugs can mean almost nothing and I was only 1cm dilated on tuesday. And my mucous plug came out about an hr after eating dates. Not sure if that's what helped but I've been trying to eat lots of dates, pineapple, bounce on the ball occasionally and go for walks pending on weather. Suggestions would be appreciated and I know they will only work if baby is ready.

He also moved 50+ times in less than an hr around 2am, felt nauseous a bit and had some pressure but it all faded away, and I lost my plug around 10:30pm last night.