Guess she learning the hard way😂

So there was this dude I messed around with thinkn he was single and he had a gf this whole time so I stopped talking to him on the 15th . Took y’all advice and told the gf she didn’t care she’s just like all he wanted was sex from you you’ll never have my spot .....Well come to find out this other girl he went around saying was his friend is actually his ex smh . Cuz her bday was lastnight and she’s all like he bought her a section and he’s the only guy on her IG AND TWITTER . and right before the girl bday he hmu and was like what’s up and I’m like don’t you have your ex party to get ready for . I just threw it out there and he didn’t correct me he was just like he prolly not going ...I left him on read then blocked him on IG too. Smh . His ex went on a rant too cuz I’m guessing he ain’t show and she’s all like I’m done with that mf . Do seem like he for everybody.

Oh well. I’m happy I’m moving on . His gf got it from here 😂😂


Y’all told me on a previous post to tell his gf so I did . Come to find out I’m not the only one he mess with he also mess with his ex . I’m laughing cuz she was saying all that stuff for me being honest and she got more women to deal with . It is what it is and I never wanted him . We were both single just messing around so y’all saying he didn’t want me either . I DIDNT WANT HIM . I’m not hurt at all. 🙄🙄