Help! Should I show my mom the photo?

So my brother who still lives with us is a bad kid (20)

My mom yelled at him a lot today

He smokes weed in our house when he’s not supposed to, hangs out with people who went to jail for beating a kid up, he’s just not in a good place

He has really bad anger problems and throws stuff and bangs stuff and breaks stuff in our house

He scares me a lot and I wish he would move out already

He annoys me a lot too and I just don’t want to bother with him anymore, like once he or I move out I don’t think I would really meet with him or anything.

I feel for the kid, I really do Bc he’s my brother and deep down I know he’s a sweet person but I can’t live with him anymore

He’s one of the reasons why I want to go to college far away from home (I’m 17 he’s gonna be 21)

He always talks about these weird stories and find them hysterical but normal people would find weird and creepy

He got another ticket in the mail today for going through a red light

So obviously he’s been up to some trouble

Whenever he goes out he never says where he’s going or what he’s doing or who with so we never know what he’s up to or where his whereabouts are

My parents say he needs counseling but never act on it and push it aside and forget about it until he gets bad again


My friend sent me a picture tonight and in it is my brother holding up a gun and he’s smiling like a maniac like he’s laughing

It honestly scared me and shook me to my core when I first saw it

I didn’t believe it was him at first

The gun isn’t his

But idk if I should show my mom the picture or not

Idk if the gun is real or fake, it’s hard to tell in the picture Bc it’s blurry

But nonetheless what would you do?

I wouldn’t do it to be a tattletale, but to open my mother’s eyes and bring awareness

I’m scared he’ll hurt me or something worse if he finds out it was me who showed her.

There’s this page on Facebook where all the moms post about the bad kids and stuff in the community, it does a lot of shit talking so maybe if I do show her and he asks where she found the picture she could say it’s from there?

Like I’m just scared rn it’s almost 5 in the morning and I can’t sleep

They obviously won’t kick him out but idk what they could do to him because he NEVER listens

Ive spoken to my friend about how he made me feel and he said it sounds like I’ve been through a lot of trauma

I hate this so much :((((

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