how do you moms do it ?

Alyssa • 29 FTM to beautiful baby girl !

how do you balance being a wife and a mom?

my husband and i are fighting right now and it’s over something that’s been on going and we haven’t really resolved it.

i’m finding it difficult to balance being a wife and a mother. before i got pregnant, my husband and i had several conversations and we decided that no matter what, our relationship would always come first. now that our daughter is here, i realize that i’ve not kept up my side of the deal and have been neglecting him and our relationship. it’s not on purpose but i’m tired. i’m breastfeeding so i get up with her in the night. i’m home with her all day, and nap when i can but i’m tired.

i’ve told him that i’m trying to find the balance of being a wife and mother, but i don’t know how to navigate this - she’s our first baby and we’ve been married for 3 years, together for 5.

one main issue we’re having is, we haven’t had sex. my daughter is 8 weeks but we haven’t had sex in about 3 maybe 4 months.

that sounds like forever when i say it out loud.

i’ve given him blow jobs and he’s gone down on me but vaginal sex hasn’t happened. we tried last week but it hurt too much so we had to stop. i didn’t always want to have sex while i was pregnant and my drive hasn’t come back yet. before i got pregnant, we were having sex all the time.

i was waiting for that time towards the end of pregnancy where you’re horny but it never happened. lol

how do you ladies navigate being a wife and mom? i dont want either relationship to suffer but clearly i’m failing on the wife part.